You will be charged extra for withdrawing your deposits from ATMs

You will be charged extra for withdrawing your deposits from ATMs : If you use debit card frequently in India, you should be careful. Because at ATM you have to pay extra fee to withdraw your money. Whether you are using a public sector or private bank, this rule applies to both types of banks.

We tell you that a different bank maintains a certain limit, if one does not transact at the ATM beyond that limit, a fee is charged. In June last year, the RBI implemented the rule that if the free transaction limit is higher than the ATM, then ₹21 will be charged per withdrawal.

What is the free transaction limit?

Free transaction limit means the number of times you can withdraw money from an ATM. Customers are allowed 5 free withdrawals per month, meaning they can withdraw money from ATMs five times a month. For the sixth time, you will be charged a withdrawal fee.

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At the same time, you can withdraw money only three times per month from ATMs of other banks, you can withdraw money from ATMs of other banks five times per month in non-metro centers.

20-25 should be withdrawn

As per RBI’s permission, effective August 1, 2022, Rs 17 per financial transaction and Rs 6 per financial transaction on non-profit transactions can be levied. That is, you need to spend 20-25 rupees to attract your own deposit from the bank.

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