You will also be surprised to know the ugly truth behind the place where mother and daughter are on honeymoon

A place where mother and daughter stay on honeymoonThe continent of Africa is a world in itself. From wildlife to tribal life, everything has something different, unique and wonderful. People have strange customs and strange beliefs about which they are less aware. There is a very strange belief related to marriage that surprises everyone, especially when it comes to marriage.

The counselor stays with you during your honeymoon

Although traditions have changed over time, people here still follow ancient customs. Each stage of life is governed by different rules for different tribes. The same rule applies to honeymoons. During the honeymoon, the mother of the bride sleeps with the bride and groom (the first night the mother sleeps with the daughter).

According to a report published in ‘’, the mother-in-law and son-in-law of the son-in-law live together in the house on honeymoon. Must be sent there in the absence of a family member or elderly neighbor.

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It is believed that the elderly woman or mother will teach the couple about their happy married life on their first night. Mentoring simply means that the bride is told what to do by her mother at night.

Testify the next morning

After the wedding, the lady present in the bride and groom’s room assures other family members that everything is going smoothly throughout the night. It is not shameful for this guru to be present here, as it involves a ritual that continues even today. By doing this, the beginning of the married life of the new couple is considered auspicious.


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