You can start this business with an investment of just 50 thousand rupees, your earnings will be four times more than a job.

You can start this business by investing just 50 thousand rupees: If you want to do business but you have no idea about business, then reading this news is very important for you. Today we will tell you about great business ideas. You can start this business by applying only 50 thousand rupees, where your income will be four times more than work.

Today we will tell you about great business ideas. You can start this business by applying just 50 thousand rupees and you can get crores of rupees. We are talking about online billboard business. Tell us that in this digital age, online stock trading can be a profitable business settlement for you.

Deepti Awasthi Sharma, founder of Go, an outdoor advertising agency, says she earns over 1 crore per month from this business. So let us know how you can start an online hoarding business (how to start a landfill business in India) and how much can be achieved.

Crores of rupees will be available annually

When Deepti Awasthi Sharma started an online hoarding business in 2016, she was just 27 years old. Due to the lack of money, Deepti started online hoarding with only 50 thousand rupees. 12 crore revenue started from the next year and a year later Deepti’s company turnover crossed 20 crore. Deepti says, I started a small digital hoarding business in 2016. The concept was a success and production began in a short time.
How do you start this business?

This can be started with marketing and technology support. All you need to do is create a website called Apna Domination. He should promote himself. Initially you can see where and how people find a place to advertise. This business grew rapidly. Because people want to advertise at home.

Do you know how this company works?

First, customers need to log in to the Go Hoardings website. After that, you need to find and choose your location (where he needs to install the billboard). After selecting the location, the company is meeting.

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Artwork and orders come from customers, after the company confirms the availability of shipping sites and locations. Ids and passwords are provided for broadcast on the location site. Tell us that this company needs around Rs 1 lakh to get hoardings for a month

According to Deepti, hoardings in high profile locations in a city like Delhi, Mumbai can fetch up to Rs 10 lakh over a long period, so if you have orders for 10 hoardings in a month, you will get Rs 1 crore. This is usually possible during the festive season, when 10-12 hoarding houses are available in a month. In such a situation, this business can be a very profitable deal.

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