When Prince Charles first arrived in India, there was talk from Mumbai to London, find out why

Britain’s new emperor ‘King Charles’ has visited India many times so far. He came to India for the first time at the age of 33. He was not married to Diana at the time. He was a bachelor of the world.

Prince Charles, Padmini at Kolhapur

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Britain’s Queen Elizabeth has passed away. After her death, Queen Elizabeth’s eldest son, Prince Charles, became king. Although it may take about a month for its official announcement and coronation. In fact, according to the rules of the British royal family, immediately after the death of the Queen, her eldest son or daughter becomes King or Queen. Let me tell you, Britain’s new King Charles has visited India about ten times in his entire life. But his first visit to India became very memorable for him and for all Bollywood fans. The reason for this was Bollywood actress Padmini Kolhapur.

Britain’s ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’ Prince Charles came to India in 1980. At this time, he expressed his desire to watch the shooting of Bollywood films. Honoring her wish, she was taken to a film studio in Mumbai where famous Bollywood actress Padmini was shooting in Kolhapur. Padmini, who was busy shooting for her film Ahista Ahista, was overjoyed when she heard about Prince Charles’ arrival.

Find out why Prince Charles was shocked

16-year-old Padmini is very excited to see this prince of Britain. When Prince Charles arrived at the studio in Mumbai, he was greeted in traditional Indian fashion. Aarti was performed by placing it on a plate, garlands of flowers were worn around the neck. Taking his welcome, Prince Charles met all the actors shooting at the studio. When he approached Padmini, Padmini did something to the actor, who was 17 years her senior, that Prince Charles himself was shocked to see.

Kissed by Prince Charles

Shaking hands with artists present at Prince Charles Studio, Padmini hugged Prince Charles and kissed him on the cheek as soon as he arrived in Kolhapur. Kissing the Prince of Britain, who always operated under protocol, was not easy. That’s why Padmini’s kiss was talked about everywhere from Mumbai to London.

He felt very embarrassed

Padmini’s kiss was also discussed in Britain. Speaking about this, Padmini said that when she visited London on holiday, a British immigration officer asked her, ‘Is she the one who kissed Prince Charles?’ Padmini was very shy after hearing his question. Padmini revealed this in a 2013 interview to a newspaper in Kolhapur.

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Prince Charles was 33 years old

During his first visit to India Prince Charles Age was 33 years. Not only in Padmini Kolhapur, this Prince of Britain had crores of fans all over the world. Shortly after his visit to India, Charles married Diana in 1981. Before this both were dating for quite some time. But they have kept their relationship away from the eyes of the world and the media. This information is given in the Netflix webseries ‘Crown’. Even after marrying Diana, Prince Charles came to India with her.

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