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Urvashi Rautela showed private partsHimachal beauty Urvashi Rautela is very famous in Bollywood. He has achieved success in the Bollywood industry today. His films brought him a lot of popularity. What’s special is that it’s a daily topic of discussion on social media. Her hot figure and daring style make everyone drunk. She attracts people with her absolutely glamorous looks and fit body. She is also a topic of discussion for her dressing sense.

Urvashi Rautela’s fashion sense is also imitated by many. She has suffered many ugh moments due to her bad fashion sense. This time, Urvashi Rautela’s very hot look is going viral on social media. Urvashi Rautela wears a very short green dress in pictures and videos that have gone viral. While getting out of the car, she suffers a compromising moment due to her short dress. The video looks like he attended a party.

A user shared this video on Instagram, which is going viral. Techboli shared this video on his Instagram account. Urvashi Rautela has experienced an oops moment in the past. This is not the first time that Urvashi Rautela has been trolled for her dressing sense or short dresses. The actress has 55 million followers on Instagram.

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Urvashi Rautela made her Bollywood debut with ‘Sing Saab the Great’. Sunny Deol played the lead role in this film which was released in 2013. ‘The Legend’ was Urvashi Rautela’s last film. She will also be seen in ‘Dil Hai Grey’ Tamil film ‘Black Rose’. Urvashi Rautela’s relationship news has gone viral recently. According to media reports, the Indian wicketkeeper-batsman has been talking about his relationship with Rishabh Pant. However, it has been termed as rumour.

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