Urfi Javed wore clothes that showed more than half, you will be surprised

Urfi Javed appeared wearing more than half of such clothesWhere earlier the fashion icon aka Javed was in the headlines only for her bold looks, now this beauty remains in the eye of the beholder even with her quirky antics.

Urfi Javed recently screened the film at PVR. From here Urfi’s look and many of his videos have dominated social media, which are increasingly going viral.

Many fans are complaining about Urfi’s appearance in the video, but they are also criticizing Hasina’s strange behavior.

urfi javed latest look

First let’s take a look at Urfi Javed’s appearance. Urfi is seen in casual clothes, but he doesn’t mind experimenting.

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In the video that has surfaced, Urfi is seen wearing trousers and a t-shirt, but she is seen flaunting her underwear. She complemented her look with bright make-up and red high heels completing Urfi’s look.

Urfi Javed’s strange work

Along with this, some videos of Urfi have also been released where he is seen doing some strange things. This includes handing out popcorn to paparazzi and taking pictures with shy boys.

There is a crowd outside the washroom

A video of Urfi is going viral very fast. In this video, Urfi is seen going to the washroom, but the paparazzi reaches outside the washroom to take his picture. He even shouts at the girls in the washroom about what happened.

PVR has arrived

All eyes were on Urfi Javed when he arrived at PVR in a filmy outfit. Urfi was standing outside the washroom when the paparazzi started taking pictures of him.

Later, Urfi says he will invite you to the washroom now. After that, Urfi starts laughing and gets up and poses in various killer ways.


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