Urfi Javed stepped out of the house in a backless look, he was seen sweating as soon as he got out of the car

Urfi Javed left the house in a backless lookUrfi Javed’s appearance has changed since childhood. She completed her look with her hair in a ponytail and left half open. A light makeup look and a different look enhances her stylish look.

Urfi Javed is sweating

The most viral video in this period is of Urfi Javed. In this video, Urfi Javed looks at a girl wearing a hoodie and says I’m sweating.

At the same time, she says, I have become aware that the less I wear, the more I wear. In terms of Mumbai’s climate, Urfi says there is no heat.

Clicked pictures with baby girl

Urfi Javed’s video is going viral very fast. At the same time, a fan of Urfi Javed also came to take a selfie with him. Urfi took very loving pictures of his lady and Urfi.

Urfi’s every pose became a topic of discussion on social media. Most of these posts discuss about Urfi’s strange photo shoot.

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In fact, Urfi is more in discussion because of his unusual clothes than his work. Sometimes clothes are made from jute sacks, sometimes from glass and sometimes only from pictures.


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