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Urfi Javed: Urfi Javed crossed all limits, wearing a front open hoody top inside out.Urfi Javed known as ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ contestant has surprised everyone with his game. Urfi surprised fans with his performance during the show and now he surprises them later with his style. Due to her bold looks, she is constantly in the discussion. Sometimes even Urfi’s fans don’t realize what they are wearing, due to which they get trolled a lot. Urfi has come to the discussion about clothes many times. See picture here Here is a picture…

Famous Bollywood celebrity photographer Yogen Shah shared a viral photo of Urfi Javed on his Instagram account. In this picture, Urfi wears an open front simri hoody top without an inner garment In this picture, he is wearing a matchstick

Urfi Bala is looking hot in this outfit. As always, fans are giving their opinion on the film. Urfi’s confidence can be clearly seen in this picture. A user named Me Time wrote, ‘She doesn’t like to dress up.

Recently, Urfi Javed was spotted at the Mumbai airport. Top Urfi Javed in this period. Social media users were also shocked to see this.

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Urfi Javed wore a black mesh top. He was also wearing pants. On the other hand, the UrfIn contrast had only a thin fabric on the front. Seeing Urfi’s bold look, social media users also lost their temper, Javed also became a target of trolls after seeing Urfi’s bold look.

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