Urfee praises Paper Queen’s talent…

Urfee praises Paper Queen’s talent… You must have seen cotton, silicone, chicken curry or mixed fabrics, but have you seen newspaper fabrics?

Urfee praised Paper Queen’s talent

that newspaper It is useful to read, we get to know about new and fresh news and after the news is old, there is also the work of wrapping bread, but the question arises whether clothes can be made from newspaper, it would be right to say yes. Now because opinion than Madhya Pradesh who has passed twelfth and with his talent and hard work Akbar is also used as clothes.

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Gao, the girl who saved Akbar from destruction, made a gown and sometimes a salwar suit out of newspaper, which people liked very much.

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Urfi Javed Ko is one of the most popular actresses of the present time, Urfi has been ranked as the most searched in Asia this year.

Urfi is making headlines on social media due to his weird and half-crooked outfit, but Urfi is also annoyed by Akbar’s expectations and Urfi is also seen impressed by the girl.

Not only in her own songs, but in the entire social media, she is known as Paper Queen.

Urfi liked the girl’s video so much that Urfi put it on his Instagram story…

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