Tv9 Exclusive: Goldie Bahl on Bollywood flops – New style in content..

Goldie Behl’s recent web series Duranga has been loved by viewers. This series is a Hindi adaptation of a Korean drama. Drishti Dhami is seen in the lead role in this series.

Goldie Bahl talks about Bollywood flops

Producer Goldie Bahl is very happy after the success of the web series Duranga which was released on ZEE5. He credits his success to the actors. He said, we knew we needed a talented actor like Gulshan to play the role of Samit. After her yes, I was looking for a girl with a fresh face, an otherworldly look. He is a TV star, his personality matched our character. This time, Goldie Behl talks about new content coming to the web site as well as Bollywood films that are constantly flopping.

Find out what Goldie Bahl had to say

Goldie said that with the advent of OTT platforms, a new entertainment option has become available to viewers. Now if a similar film is released in theaters again, which is easily available for viewing on OTT platform, then why fans will go to theaters. Hindi films have to reinvent their content i.e. present their content in a new way to the audience.

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Currently, older content is being released in theatres

Goldie Behl also said that the content currently being presented in theaters through cinema is outdated. Due to the lockdown, the shooting stopped midway, the post-production work of some films was left. But during this time people’s attitude has changed a lot. For example, the story of Duranga, even a few years ago it could have been a plot of a film.

New content is required

Goldie Behl also added that ‚ÄúDuranga has a production value, the way the scenes are shot, they are all done in the film. However, what you used to watch in films, now we are showing you in web series on OTT. So if I want to make films going forward, I have to think more broadly than that. My concept and content should be totally different. Otherwise why would people watch the film.”

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There are different content demands than OTT

Duranga producers believe that if a film is made different from what is being watched on OTT, the audience will go to the theaters and watch the movie. Different and better movies will definitely play. I went to see ‘The Kashmir File’, Gangubai, Maze Theatre. Because such films are made for theaters. Such diverse content must play in theatres.

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