This man wants to have 700 wives like King Solomon, has 15 marriages and 107 children!

This man wants to have 700 wives like King Solomon: A man has 15 wives and 107 children. This 61-year-old man lives in a small village with all his wives. He assigned different responsibilities to all the wives so that their lives could run smoothly.

The man claimed he was like King Solomon, who had 700 wives. The man’s name is David Sakayo Kaluhana. He is from Western Kenya.

In a conversation with Afrimax English, David claims that he has a very sharp mind and a woman is not enough to handle him.

David said – In my opinion, one woman is not enough to handle it. Because I have loads on my mind that a woman cannot handle. That’s why I got married more than once.

In the video interview, David said – If I had 20 wives, I wouldn’t have any problem. I am like King Solomon. Solomon had 700 wives and 300 slaves. A thousand wives in all.

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David’s wives also seem very happy with him. David has 13 children with wife Jessica Kaluhana. Among them, two children died. Jessica says – We live in peace and together. I love my husband very much. At the same time David’s wife Durin Kalughana said – I do not envy anyone. We live together.

David’s wife Rose David Kaluhana said – We are living a good life. We love each other very much. We tell you that Rose is David’s 7th wife. Rose bore David 15 children.

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