‘This is the time to support our sisters’, Sonu Sood laments the Chandigarh University incident

Sonu Sood tweeted about Chandigarh University MMS scam. Calling on the people, he said, this is the time to stand by our sisters. What happened is unfortunate.

Sonu Sood

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Sonu Sood is one such Bollywood actor who gives his opinion on every important issue of the country. Apart from being a powerful actor, he is the angel of the entire country. The way Sonu Sood extended his helping hand during the Corona virus, people started worshiping him. Recently, the actor tweeted about the MMS scam related to Chandigarh University in Punjab’s Mohali district. Where he appealed to the people, it is time to stand by our sisters.

We tell you that Sonu Sood while tweeting from his official Twitter handle wrote that ‘What happened is unfortunate. Apart from this, the actor urged people to behave responsibly on social media. Not only this, he appealed to the people saying, “This is the time to stand by our sisters. Set an example of a responsible society.”

In this case, the police said that the students of the Chandigarh University campus located on the Ludhiana-Chandigarh road protested the rumours. Where some offensive videos of many female students have been recorded. According to reports, a large number of police forces are also deployed at the spot.

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The actor gave a sense of being a responsible citizen

After this incident, there are constant appeals about the viral video not to share this video on social media, WhatsApp or any other medium. In such a situation, Sonu Sood also drew people’s attention towards this and made them feel that they are responsible citizens. He also wrote in his tweet that, “It’s testing time for us…be responsible.”

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An inquiry has been ordered in this regard

Notably, pornographic videos of many female students studying in Chandigarh University are going viral on social media. After the video went viral, a fierce protest started over it. Besides, an investigation has also been ordered in this regard. Investigations later revealed that a girl from the hostel had videotaped about 60 girls and sent them to a boy she knew living in Shimla. The boy allegedly uploaded the video online.

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