These places in Delhi are made for night sightseeing, enjoy a midnight stroll –

Night Out in Delhi: These places in Delhi are made for night sightseeingThere are many places in Delhi where you can stay overnight if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Best food can be enjoyed by visiting these places.

Where is the fun of traveling at night in Delhi? Taking a walk at night can relieve us from the stress of the day. Delhi is also a city of hearty gatherings. There are many places to visit in the city of Delhi, but if you want to hang out at night, there are some places where you can comfortably explore at night. In such a situation, we tell you the places in Delhi where you can walk even after midnight.


There is a comism near every railway station in Delhi. May you find peace and joy in comics at night. Comismum Open 24 Hours You can enjoy fine dining at Comismum, which is open 24 hours.
Road pandas

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Pandara Road has great food. Pandara Road is a great place to hang out with friends even after 12 noon. There are many authentic vegetarian and delicious non-vegetarian restaurants. Pandara Road is a great place to enjoy a meal.


This place is located in Haryana, some distance from Delhi. Although this place is also famous for dinner and drinks. Murthal’s discussion here is full of dhabas. Murthal is an ideal place for a night outing. A group of such friends gather overnight at Murthal, but the place remains peaceful. This place is 48 km from Delhi, first you can enjoy long drive and go here with friends and enjoy paratha with lassi and butter milk.

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