These 7 things are poison for skin, stop eating immediately

These 7 things are poison for skinEven experts believe that the true glow of the skin is determined by your diet more than any external product. Even the most expensive creams won’t give you healthy-looking skin if you eat foods that adversely affect your body.
If you want to protect your skin from acne, dark spots, wrinkles etc. then it is better to stay away from certain foods. The following points will tell you which foods can be harmful to your skin.

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fried things

Tali Whey Cheese

All these names make the mouth water: pakora, kachori, samosa, puri. But skin is different from these things. It is very easy to cause acne on the skin if you eat too much of them. Especially such foods are harmful for those with oily skin.

fast food

fast food
fast food

Similarly, tempting things like burgers, pizza and fries are also bad for your skin. Calories, fats and refined carbohydrates are found in these foods,

which is harmful to the skin. Eating these things not only causes acne problems, but these nutrient-poor foods also make the skin lifeless.

spicy food


There is nothing light about Indian food. They are beneficial for the body in moderate amounts, but excessive consumption causes skin problems. Instead, eat vegetables etc. that contain spices and chillies. You’ll be happy too and your skin won’t be harmed.


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