There was an uproar over the Mohali incident, then the entire country was uproar over the Delhi MMS video

Uproar over the Mohali scandalAbout 60 female students of a private university in Chandigarh have been accused of going viral due to an alleged MMS.

Apparently, a video of a university student taking a secret shower in a hostel bathroom has gone viral. According to information received, the accused student had been making videos of girls for a long time and sending them to a boy in Himachal. 18 years ago there was an MMS scam in a well-known school in Delhi.

Mobile phones with cameras were just starting to become popular and the MMS scam affected not only Delhi but the entire country.

MMS has been shot in the school premises

This is from 2004. An indecent video of two students was found in the premises of a reputed school in Delhi. They were both minors. The boy recorded the video with his mobile phone camera.
Based on the video, it seems the girl was unaware that everything was being recorded. After that he started sharing his MMS on mobile phones.

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Following the incident, the school suspended the boy and girl and 8 other students for possessing mobile phones. Students are prohibited from keeping mobile phones in schools.

In haste, the school has also issued strict guidelines for parents and students on the matter. Students were warned by the school that if they bring mobiles to school, they will not only be confiscated but also fined Rs 1000.

MMS reaches more porn sites

The MMS shot at that school in Delhi soon went viral on porn sites. In fact, a student of IIT Kharagpur listed the video for sale on a website called ‘’. (Later renamed to ‘’ as ‘E-Bay India Private Limited’.) The video was uploaded on November 27, 2004, around 8:30 PM.

However, the video was deactivated on November 29, 2004 at 10 am, but by then it had gone viral on all porn sites. The boy’s face was not seen in the 2 minute 37 second video. The video was recorded by the boy himself.


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