The secret of the snake in the bathroom came out, people said where to enter?

The mystery of the snake came out in the bathroom– This video shows a king cobra crawling out of a toilet seat bowl with a bathroom pipe as snake catchers approach. We saw this video on social media.
After the king cobra entered the pipe, the condition of the family members deteriorated. The head of the family called a snake catcher after inserting a piece of sackcloth into the pipe. In addition, they jam the toilet seat with pieces of burlap to prevent the snake from escaping.

Seeing the people, Nagaraj stood up.

The video clearly shows that water is first poured into the toilet, so that the snakes can come out. For a while the snake also came out of the pipe but came back inside after seeing the people.

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As soon as he reached the bowl of the toilet seat, he came out. Just like a king cobra hissing, you will get goosebumps as soon as you hear his hissing.


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