The railways started to prove backward, setting a unique record of not all trains running on time

Railways started to waste: The train is running late again. Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav is very angry about this. According to the report, he directed the officials to maintain more than 90 percent punctuality. However, this will not happen.

Indian Railways is nothing to talk about. All trains are running late even if they are not on track. Till July 1, 2020, Railways broke a record during the Corona period. This is the first time in the history of Indian Railways that all trains were on time. As already running trains are derailed,

In such a situation, most of the railway zones are lagging behind in time. A zone’s punctuality rate is 58.67 percent. However, Ashwini Vaishnav wants punctuality to be more than 90 percent in all regions. Therefore, the Railway Board has warned the regions of non-punctuality.

Punctuality of Railways is less than the Minister’s target

The Railway Board conducted the Punctuality Survey in all regions of the country from August 22 to 28. During this period, the punctuality of All Indian Railways stood at 84.43 percent. Whereas Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has asked the officials to keep punctuality percentage at least 90. It is understood that the senior officials of the railway are holding their breath.

Those are the areas behind

South East Central Railway (SECR) is behind schedule in running trains. Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh is the headquarters of the company. Punctuality rate of this railway is 58.67 percent. 41.33 out of 100 trains are running late. This is followed by Konkan Railway’s punctuality standing at 72.08 per cent. East Coast Railway (ECOR) ranks third in running late trains.

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Its punctuality was 74.81 percent, headquartered in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. The relationship with the Delhi headquarters of Northern Railway is also not good. Punctuality of Northern Railway during the period under review was 77.70 per cent. The Prayagraj-headquartered North Central Railway (NCR) also has a punctuality rate of 79.25 per cent.

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