The mysterious ‘dragon’ skull was found on the coast of Britain, after seeing the picture, people said that this dragon threw fire!

Mysterious ‘dragon’ skull found on British beachA house of bones found on a beach in Britain. It was shared on Reddit by several people who commented that it was a dragon skull. Back then, many people called it the spine. The holes seen in it are said to be the eyes of an animal.

A picture of a ‘dragon’ skull like House of Dragons is doing the rounds online A photo shared on Reddit looks like this. According to the news, it was found on a beach in Britain. In this picture the skull has two dot eyes.

A long mouth is below the head which contains the eyes. On Reddit, a user posted a picture of the sand on Bridlington beach, showing what appears to be some animal skull. Does anyone know what animal it is? ,

Speculation started after the release of the film. In mythology, four-legged dragons with two snake-like wings are called wyverns rather than four-legged dragons.

“The dragon shoots fire through the hole in its skull,” wrote one observer. To prevent their skulls from cracking, they have holes for hot air to escape. Another user also calls it Dragon.

One user said the spine of the dragon

One user wrote that if it had a dragon attached to it, it couldn’t be a skull. It is the backbone of his body. Another person described encountering a skull.

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His university field trip to Scotland led him to find similar remains. As soon as we found it, we assumed it was a skull with holes for eyes.

What is FAC?

According to one user on a Reddit post, those who called it a dragon were wrong. According to him, it is related to a bird called sea gull. His blog and research are shared for this purpose. Parts of a bird explained by a scientist. It is located in its pelvis, under the seagull’s legs.


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