The miscreants stole an ATM containing 17.37 lakh rupees 40 meters away from the police station by spraying on the CCTV.

The miscreants took the ATM filled with Tk 17 lakh 37 thousand 40 meters away from the police station. The CCTV footage of the corner was scrapped before the episode so that he could not be identified. The incident took place just 40 meters away from the Kishanpura police outpost on Gohana Street.

After the complaint was filed, five teams were formed to catch the next life.
In Haryana’s Panipat, a low-life ride-hailing XUV vehicle emptied an ICICI Bank ATM on Gohana Street, containing Rs 17.37 lakh in cash.

Before committing the crime, the miscreants splashed red paint on the CCTV cameras installed in the ATMs. On Sunday morning, only 40 meters away from the police post, excitement spread among the officials after receiving the news of the incident. The police have formed five separate teams to nab the miscreants after registering a case against the ATM operator Hitachi.

In an objection filed at the Area 29 police headquarters, Gaurav of Hitachi said there was an ICICI Bank ATM near Malik Petroleum Siphon on Gohana Street, which was emptied by the XUV riders around 3:15 am on Sunday. When Jharuda reached the ATM stall around 7 am, it was open.

On getting the information, they reached the spot and informed the police. Of particular note is the Kishanpura police station, just 40 meters away from the scene.

Yet episode after episode, the day-long discussion continues about the bravado of low-lifes and the stupidity of the police. Questions have also been raised about police surveillance in this incident.

The episode was seen on CCTV presented at Petroleum Siphon

The miscreants in the XUV drove into the CCTV camera installed at the corner of the ATM, yet the entire incident was captured on the CCTV installed near the petroleum siphon.

During the investigation, the police team examined the recording of the CCTV camera installed at the Malik Petroleum Siphon and captured the entire incident.

The accused came in an XUV car. They basically park the car outside the stall and later tie the main end of the rope to the ATM and the other to the back of the car. After driving the car, with a few shocks, removed the ATM and threw it in the car and fled.

There was a stir in the police department over the ATM data containing about Rs 17.15 lakh. SP Shashank Kumar Sawan, DSP Pradeep Nain, Area 29 police station in-charge Manjeet Mode, CIA-2 in-charge Virender Singh reached the spot.

After investigation, the SP implicated five different groups and soon ordered the arrest of the miscreants, though till late Sunday night, no information was available on the following life.

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A report on the objections received from Hitachi has been filed. Five teams have been formed to nab the culprits, who will be nabbed soon. Shashank Kumar Sawan, SP Panipat.


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