The married woman held the laborer hostage in a love trap

A married woman has taken a laborer hostage in a love trap :- A young man from Hapur who came to work in Gajrula a year and a half ago.

A married woman living in Zoya was held hostage at home. Protest started. On the orders of the court, Diduli Kotyali police station started investigation by filing a case against the accused and three persons.

Irshad’s family lives in Fulgadhi village of Thana in Hapur district. He alleged that two years ago his 19-year-old son Arman came to work in Gajraula.

After that he disappeared. On May 7, 2022, it was seen that Armaan was peacefully challenged by the police in Diduli. Armaan was allegedly held hostage at Premjale’s house by a married woman. Armaan wants to go home.

But the woman defeated her other two teammates. Threatened to kill. When the father of the deceased reported the matter to the police, no remedy was found.

So he resorted to court. Now on the direction of the CJM, the Diduli police have registered an FIR against Sangeet and his two other accomplices.

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Inspector PK Chauhan said that the matter will be investigated and action will be taken and new action will be taken.


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