The husband had unusual sex on the first night of marriage, the next day shocking information happened

The husband had unusual sex on the first night of marriageHusband-wife relationship is very common. A girl or a boy starts preparing for their honeymoon months in advance. But in many cases something happens between the husband and wife on the honeymoon night which ruins their relationship.

One such 30-year-old woman met a cruel ruffian on her honeymoon and realized she would do anything to satisfy his lust. This woman’s story is today’s black diary.

It gives me pleasure to introduce myself as Ketki (name changed). About a year ago I got married in a very beautiful house in Delhi. Earlier my husband was working in a very reputed company. His family members were also very intelligent and educated.

The fact that Rahul (name changed) is a very intelligent and charming person made me very excited about our marriage. On my first wedding night, I never thought that something would happen that would destroy my life.

When Rahul entered my room on our honeymoon night, he looked wild. My clothes were torn and I was forced to have sex in unnatural ways. If I didn’t agree, he beat me badly.

My face hurts a little. After having sex like an animal, I started bleeding and it hurt a lot. However, he was not ready to accept it and climbed on me like a saw. The next day my house was waiting for me.

I suffer from depression and anxiety as a result of what happened on our honeymoon night. Apart from this, there were marks of wounds in the inner part of my body. Rahul was also the subject of my complaint.

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In the secluded area he and his friends often bond with each other as they hang out, drink and hang out with each other every day. As a result, at this time he indulges in unnatural sex. In light of this, we can conclude that Rahul is gay and our marriage will not last.

Expert opinion

Boys do not inform family members about their physical problems in arranged marriages and are ready to marry the girl despite physical problems. Such a situation spoils the girl’s life, also creates emotional turmoil for the boy.

My advice to everyone else is that marriage is a huge decision, so think about your partner before doing it. Rahul should be given the same punishment in your case, and I suggest everyone else should be given the same punishment.

Make sure you gather all the necessary information so that you don’t run into any problems after the wedding.


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