The guy who hated Muslims so much that he planned to bomb a mosque, but then something happened that made him become a Muslim himself?

A man who hates Muslims so much that he planned to bomb a mosqueSomeone has rightly said that love always wins over hate. Richard McKinney from America testified in this regard. Tell me Makini wants to blow up a mosque and erase all names. But suddenly something happened which changed his whole life. A documentary has also been made on Makini. Which is called ‘Stranger at the Gate’.

Why hate Muslims?

Makini spent 25 years in the Navy. During this time he was also posted in Gulf countries. Where he considers Muslims as mortal enemies. Even after returning to America, his hatred did not end. On the contrary, the hatred of this Muslim increases so much that even if he finds a Muslim on the street, he changes his path. Seeing this hatred, his wife also left him.

McCreney said in a documentary that every time he visited his hometown, he was forced to meet Muslims. Makini’s hatred reached such a plan that one day he planned to hurt people.

Planning to bomb the mosque

Makini planned to blast the mosque. For this he chose Friday. The reason behind this is that there are more people in the mosque on Friday. Makini estimated that around 200 people would be killed and injured in the explosion.

Everything went according to plan

Makini goes according to plan. Afghan refugee doctor Bahrami Sabir was present when he passed through the gates of the mosque. The doctor was accompanied by his wife Bibi Burmi and a local man Jomo William. The behavior of these people becomes very confused so that wrong thoughts start entering their mind.

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Every day the mosque continues

Makini says that people are very simple and happy. Even after being in America, he seems quite happy. He likes to talk to me. With this experience, my thinking changed and I started going to the mosque every day. Accepted Islam after 8 weeks. For information, let me tell you that after this, Makini also served as the President of Munshi Islamic Center for two years.

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