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Girlfriend Pics Posted In Whatsapp Status :- Sunil Kumar of Jiangla village in Bareilly district was murdered by his girlfriend’s family members.

He got upset when he posted his girlfriend’s picture on WhatsApp status. Police unearthed the incident on Monday and produced the five accused in court. The court sent him to jail. There was a love story between Sunil, who lives in Giangala village of Sheeshgarh area, and a girl from another community in the village.

About four months ago, when the girl’s family came to know about the matter, the family took her away. At that time, the village head reached a panchayat and made an agreement between the two parties. It was decided in the panchayat that there would be no relationship between the boys and girls and they would meet.

On 2nd September around 11 pm, Sunil fell asleep on the balcony after eating.
However, the then Inspector Ajaypal Singh refused to submit the report declaring it a suicide. At that time, the angry family blocked the Sheshgarh-Veli road for 18 hours. After that, a report was filed against the five people on the instructions of the government employees.

After nine days, the police arrested the accused and sent him to jail.
According to Sheshgarh Inspector, Ram Avtar Singh, Sunil had his own love story with a girl from another community in the village. Three-four months back, Sunil posted the girl’s picture in his WhatsApp status.

Because of this enmity, Sunil was killed by the girl’s family.
Police could not answer many unsolved questions
Although the Shisgarh police cracked the case and sent the five accused to jail, many questions remain unsolved.

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What happened to a man named Deepak, whose audio and picture went viral from his social media account. Also, a man named K Mukesh, whose name was taken by Sunil several times in the audio. How did Sunil reach the garden when he was sleeping on the balcony at 11 pm? Did someone call it that?


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