The EOW will summon Jacqueline again, the actress’ stylist did not attend the probe

Police questioned Jacqueline Fernandes twice in extortion case. On September 14, 8 hours of questions were answered from Jacqueline. At the same time, the actress was interrogated for seven hours on September 19.

Actress Jacqueline Fernandez

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Delhi Police’s Economic Offenses Wing, i.e. EOW, is preparing to issue a fresh summons to Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez. Jacqueline appeared before Delhi Police officials twice in the extortion case. During police questioning of Jacqueline on Monday, officials also wanted to answer questions from her stylist Lipakshi, but she did not appear before the EOW despite being summoned.

Jacqueline will be summoned again

EOW officer R Yadav, in a statement to ANI, said that Jacqueline was called for further questioning. Her stylist Lipakshi was also called, but she could not come. Questions will be asked about the gift given by Sukesh. When Lipakshi returns, the investigation will begin. Jacqueline will be summoned again to further the investigation of the case.

We tell you that ED has also registered the name of Jacqueline Fernandes in the charge sheet of the extortion case. Jacqueline was interrogated by the EOW for about 7 hours yesterday, September 19. During the interrogation, Delhi Police officials questioned Jacqueline about the gifts given by Sukesh Chandrasekhar, the mastermind of the extortion case. According to online media reports, during this interrogation, Jacqueline handed over a list to the officials detailing the gifts she had given Sukesh.

Lipakshi and Jacqueline will be interrogated face to face

EOW would like to ask some more questions regarding Sukesh’s gift in this regard. But for this he needs both Jacqueline and Lipakshi. The police want to interrogate both of them together on this issue to find out whether the list given by Jacqueline is correct and if not, what other gifts Sukesh gave to Jacqueline.

The EOW has now summoned Lipakshi to appear on Wednesday. When he was scheduled to appear on Monday, he was excused from the appearance citing illness. Now it remains to be seen whether Lipakshi reaches the EOW’s office on Wednesday.

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Jacqueline’s manager Pinky was also questioned

Earlier on September 14 Bollywood actress Jacqueline was summoned. On this day, Jacqueline was interrogated for about eight hours. Apart from Jacqueline, her manager Pinky Irani has also been questioned. Let it be known that Jacqueline Mahathag came in contact with Sukesh only through Pinky Irani. On September 14, when Jacqueline and Pinky were interrogated face-to-face, both blamed each other. Some reports also claimed that the two argued so much that they started abusing each other.

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