The boy began to walk on the railway to reel Instagram, the train hit hard!

The boy started walking on the tracks to reel in InstagramTelangana’s Hanamkonda district revealed shocking pictures. A boy shot a video on the railway tracks near Vadepalli tank near Kazipet railway station on Sunday.

At that time, the person was seriously injured after being hit by the engine of the train. Injured Akshay Raj is 17 years old, an intermediate first year student. After the incident, the Railway Police took him to the Government MGM Hospital in an ambulance. Later the family admitted him to a private hospital.
According to doctors, he has fractured legs and facial injuries. According to the news, he is not in any danger.

The video had to be shot on the track

In the video, Akshay is seen walking near the railway tracks. The next moment a speeding train hit him from behind. When Akshay falls to the ground, he faints.

Her partner who shot the video in front of her called her several times, but she was completely unconscious. He was making a video for his Instagram reel when he fell victim to the incident.

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A train from Balharshah to Warangal hit Akshay and his two friends while making a video for a mobile app.

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