Thank God poster, Ajay Devgn effigy burning, UP furor over film

The difficulty of Bollywood films is increasing day by day. Recently the trailer of Ajay Devgan and Sidharth Malhotra’s film ‘Thank God’ was released and this film also met with controversy.

People of Hindu and Kayastha society are angry about the film ‘Thank God’.

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Nothing good is happening in the Bollywood industry. Be it Ajay Devgan, Aamir Khan or anyone else, controversy has started over the pictures of famous artists. Even in UP’s Sonbhadra district, voices of protest are being created over the film and Hindu gods and goddesses are being made fun of in the film. Upcoming Bollywood Films”Thank GodFilm artist Ajay Devgn burnt his effigy amid strong opposition.

Led by Obra Nagar panchayat member and advocate Rahul Srivastava, the Chitragupta Bhagwan temple was protested by burning effigies of Ajay Devgan’s upcoming film “Thank God”. Rahul Srivastava says that Bollywood is constantly making fun of traditional deities, in which Ajay Devgan, who plays Lord Chitragupta in the Diwali release “Thank God”, is shown among half-naked women. Which we all oppose.

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Rahul said that on one hand, our country’s Prime Minister Modi ji and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi ji are building temples of deities. There is constant mockery of Hindu gods and goddesses in bollywood, which is giving wrong effect to our society, I appeal to the prime minister to ban such films so as not to hurt the sentiments of our Hindu society. .

Let us tell you that a few days ago people were also strongly opposed to Aamir Khan’s Lal Singh Chadha. People protested by burning effigies and raising slogans.

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Dr. Amarnath said that such films should be banned completely and this film should stop going to people, we Hindus are happy with this. Student leaders Shivam Sinha, Saurabh Sinha, Sujith, Abhinav, Agnivesh Saxena, Rakesh Srivastava were present on this occasion. One thing is becoming clear Bollywood movies Care must be taken with the gods and goddesses in the construction, otherwise the tone of the purchase card will increase.

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