Swapna Chowdhury was dancing in the village to the song ‘Choli Ke Zahar Kya Hai’, the boys did such an act in the middle; An uproar ensued

Swapna Chowdhury was dancing in the village on the song ‘Choli Ke Zahar Kya Hai’.Harianvi dancer Swapna Chowdhury is the most talked about. After watching a video of Swapna Chowdhury on social media, everyone is saying that she dances the most in a green suit. In this video Swapna Chowdhury is dancing on stage in a cool outfit.

Argument with boys

Before the dance, you can see Swapna Chowdhury getting angry in the video, which comes out of spite from some boys. Meanwhile he started acting after the conversation.

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Swapna Chowdhury’s performance is so captivating that no one can take their eyes off her. Swapna Chowdhury performed an amazing Harianvi step in Neena Gupta’s Choli Ke Peach song.

Career started from rural stage

Watching this video of Sapna over and over again is a favorite pastime of her fans. Swapna Chowdhury started her career as a home run on rustic stage, but now she charges lakhs for a few hours. Also, Swapna Chowdhury is invited to all major events and elite functions.

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