Swapna Chowdhury surrendered in the fraud case, the court gave relief to the dancer on this condition

Swapna Chowdhury was produced before the Lucknow High Court on Monday, where she was taken into custody following the court’s order. Rakhi Swapna has surrendered in the fraud case.

Swapna Chowdhury

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Haryana’s famous dancer Swapna Chowdhury has been in court for a long time in a cheating case. She was produced before the Lucknow High Court on Monday, where the court ordered Swapna’s custody. Let it be known that there was a case of fraud against him for many years. According to the news, Swapna surrendered in this case today. The court issued a non-bailable warrant against him, after which he confessed his crime in the court. However, soon after the surrender, the court revoked Sapna’s warrant.

We tell you that on May 1, 2019, a case was filed against Swapna Chowdhury for breach of trust and fraud. Then on January 20, 2019, a charge sheet was filed in this case against 5 people including Swapna.

Swapna Chowdhury is alleged to have taken money for the dance performance, but she did not arrive to perform the performance. In this case, the makers filed a case with Ashiana police station in Lucknow accusing Swapna of cheating. We inform you that this case is dated October 13, 2018. At that time Sapna’s dance program was organized in a club in Ashiana. Event tickets are sold online and offline.

If Swapna does not reach there is a lot of uproar

According to reports, tickets were sold online and offline for Harianvi dancer Swapna Chowdhury at Rs 300 to enter the programme. Although thousands of people bought tickets to see this event, Swapna Chowdhury did not come there till 10 pm. Reportedly, Swapna’s absence caused much commotion. After all the commotion, when people asked for their ticket money back, they didn’t get it either.

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