Show host Manish Paul was seen imitating Malaika’s moves, Malaika reacted

Show host Manish Paul was seen copying Malaika’s moves: A Filmfare video made headlines where the host of Manish Paul’s show appeared to copy Malaika’s footsteps. People are surprised to see Malaika’s reaction after this.
New Delhi: Malaika Arora is one of the few Bollywood actresses who are very active on social media.

Every post related to Malaika Arora goes viral. Another thing that is very popular on social media is Malaika Arora’s moves. Malaika has come under fire many times due to her move. Every time Malaika’s video comes out, people make fun of it. This time the discussion of Malaika’s tricks is also seen at Filmfare.

Today, videos dominate Filmfare social media everywhere. In such a scenario, a video made headlines where the show’s host Manish Paul was seen mimicking Malaika’s moves.

This video was shared from the official Filmfare Insta page. In this video, the host Manish Paul is seen having fun with the stars. At this time, he is also seen talking to Malaika. Not only that, they were also seen imitating his path. When Manish Paul mimics Malaika’s path,

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So Malaika herself laughs with others. He asks Manish Paul to copy his path and show it again. After that, Manish went the same way again. Social media users are working hard on this video.

A user commented on the video and wrote, “Hahaha… only Manish can do this”. So at the same time another user wrote, ‘Manish copied Malaika’. People react differently to this video.

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