Shah Rukh Khan’s girlfriend is not stopping, Aryan Khan’s party drinking video is leaked again!

Shah Rukh Khan’s lover does not stopA video of superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan is going viral on social media. The video is said to be of a party and from the surroundings it is clear that this video is from a pub or bar.

In this video, Ariane is seen enjoying the celebration with many of her friends. This time someone made a video of Aryan Khan and leaked it on social media. After this, this video is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

This video of Aryan Khan is viral

In the video, Ariane picks up the glass from the table, takes a drink and then puts it back.
After watching this video of Aryan, various reactions are coming on social media.
Many criticize Ariane’s drinking; However, some say he should be respected for his personal space.

Masruf Ariyan Khan at the party

In the video, Aryan Khan is seen in a club and partying with friends. Apart from this, he is also seen drinking.

He had a mask on his face at the time, but he took off the mask while drinking and put the mask back on after drinking. After the release of the video, Aryan Khan made headlines again.

He got a clean chit in the drug case

Let it be known that Aryan Khan was arrested by NCB last year in a drug case. He was also in jail for a few days. However, he later got a clean chit from the NCB court.

NCB released 5 people including Aryan Khan due to lack of evidence. Not only that, the special court also ordered to return Aryan Khan’s passport.


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