Rohanpreet Singh Age Difference With Neha Kakkar Age

rohanpreet singh age

Rohanpreet Singh age is 26 years old as of 2021. Rohanpreet Singh is one of the renowned personality in Punjabi and Bollywood industry. He was born on 1 December, 1994 in Patiala, Punjab. Rohanpreet is known for his singing and acting skills. He creates awesome and lovely Punjabi & Hindi songs. He has started his career from Saregamapa Lil Champs 2. But, the increase in popularity and fanbase has risen from “Rising Star 2”, as he participated in the show and became the first runner up. His dashing looks and pleasant personality has attracted every single girl across the globe.

rohanpreet singh age

Rohanpreet Singh has passion of Singing skills since childhood. Now, Over the years age of Rohanpreet Singh is 26 years. He is the creator of various Punjabi Songs. He also started organising his concerts and other events. At the young age, the singer is able to create his different role in the Industry be it Bollywood or Pollywood. The singer is also known for his acting skills. He was the part of Bigg Boss 12 for a task with Shehnaz Gill. He was the part various other songs and shows too.

Now, you may be wandering about the age of Neha Kakkar? Rohanpreet Singh and Neha Kakkar age is 26 years & 32 years old respectively. They both has married each other in 2020. Neha Kakkar has told that she fall in love with Rohanpreet Singh in song “Nehu Da Vyah”. She didn’t want to get in relationship with Rohanpreet, instead she wanted to marry him and settle her life with him. So, in October, 2020 they married each other in traditional Anand Karaj Ceremony.

rohanpreeet singh and neha kakkar age difference

Rohanpreet Singh age in 2020 was 25 years old. Neha Kakkar age in 2020 was 32 years. There is gap of 7 years between the ages of the two at the time of wedding. But, both of them has showed us that, age is just a number. Love cannot be measured and can’t be compromised because of age factor. Their true bonding and true love, showed this to the public and openly rejected the irrelevant factor of age difference. Now, Neha and Rohanpreet lives together in Mumbai and Delhi together. They both looks made for each other.

NameRohanpreet Singh
WifeNeha Kakkar
Rohanpreet Singh Age (1 December, 1994)26 Years
Neha Kakkar Age (6 June, 1988)33 Years
Rohanpreet Singh and Neha Kakkar Age Difference7 Years

As, Rohanpreet singh and Neha Kakkar age difference is of 7 years. Neha kakkar is 7 years older than Rohanpreet Singh. But, it is unmaterialistic and irrelevant in true love and bonding. Here are some of the images of the wedding ceremony of Rohanpreet singh wedding. You can check the below mentioned images. These pics provide you more clarity and insights about their wedding ceremony. Both the singers tied the knot on 24 October, 2020. They both have launched many songs too after their wedding.

rohanpreet singh wedding pics
rohanpreet singh wedding pics

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FAQs –

What is the age of Rohanpreet Singh?

Rohanpreet is 26 Years old as of 2021.

What is the age of Neha Kakkar?

Neha kakkar is 33 years old as of 2021.

What is the age difference between Rohanpreet and Neha Kakkar?

7 years.

What is the age of Rohanpreet Singh in 2020?

25 years old.