Reached 15000 km to meet girlfriend, and couldn’t be together for two days

Reached 15000 km to meet girlfriend, and couldn’t be together for two daysAnyone can do anything when they fall in love. Perhaps this is the reason why strange stories about lovers emerge from every corner of the world. In the same case, when a lover comes to meet his girlfriend from thousands of kilometers away after chatting online for two years, it happens that he may be in a foreign country for only a few hours. This is how a long gap is created in a love story that happens slowly.

15 day survival plan

In fact, this lover came to meet his lover after traveling about 15 thousand kilometers. He wants to spend quality time with her for 15 days. But due to haste and incomplete preparation, he had to return home two days early.

According to a report published in ‘Daily Mail’, American resident Caleb arrived in Australia to meet his girlfriend Cecilia after a 20-hour journey. They have been in an online relationship for two years.

Armaan is dropped at the airport

According to Australian officials, after landing in Sydney, Caleb appeared distraught, while officials present were surprised by the story he told. Their love story blossoms when he tells the immigration team the reason for their visit.

Although it is believed that the real reason for separation in this love story is that the lover comes out, when he comes out, he stays in his pocket for 15 days, totaling 10 thousand rupees, and how is this possible? Write inflation can be done today. At the same time, government officials were also concerned that a girl he had never met had arrived in Australia unprepared.

The issue comes up because there is no telephone

Caleb tells officers at the airport that he cannot contact his girlfriend, Cecilia. In fact, Cecilia was waiting at Melbourne Airport when the flight landed in Sydney. Officers then found Cecilia. While talking on the phone, Cecilia said she would take him to her house. After waiting like this for a long time, Cecilia and Caleb came face to face. The two hugged and talked.

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I don’t know what happened again

But this love story may not last long. Because something happened after arriving in Australia that Caleb had to return to his home in America. No one knows what happened between the two, but airport officials in Australia confirmed Caleb House’s return.

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