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RC Upadhyay haryanvi dance: People went crazy watching RC Upadhyay’s dance: Harianvi dancer RC Upadhyay seems to be ruling the hearts of people with his dance moves. Every time RC Upadhyay takes to the stage, he bites the crowd with his killer and jatka moves. But in the meantime, RC Se RC Upadhyay’s dance video has become increasingly viral on YouTube. People really like this.
In the RC Upadhyay video, you can see RC Upadhyay taking on a song, where RC Upadhyay is dancing to the song titled ‘Khatke Sa Teri Bhuli Patra’ (Maat Jigar Mein Khatke Teri Vali Vali Hai).

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In this case, he wore a yellow suit and performed a Bedu dance, in which people flew away. But all eyes are on RC Upadhyay.

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The video is going viral

This video of RC is now trending a lot on YouTube. At the same time, fans are also loving this style of RC. This is not the first time that his songs are dominating the internet, in fact RC Upadhyay is a big dancer from Haryana, whose fans are eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of him. As soon as the video came out, people were devastated by it.

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