Ranveer Singh’s statement on the incident of the nude photo shoot, the photos have been sent for forensic investigation

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh has given a statement in the nude photo shoot case. Now her nude photos have been sent for forensic examination in this case.

Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh has been in the news for a long time for his nude photo shoot. Once again there is a big update on this topic. Ranveer Singh’s statement came recently. The actor has given a statement to the police that his picture has been tampered with. He said that in the film where the actor was shown naked, he was actually wearing underwear. Meanwhile, after the actor’s statement, the film will be forensically investigated.

In this regard, a Mumbai Police official said on Thursday that Ranveer, while giving a statement on his photoshoot, denied that the picture was one of the photos from the photoshoot, which he shared on social media. According to reports, the police recorded his statement on August 29. According to the official, Ranveer said that he did not share the controversial picture.

After Ranveer’s statement, the police sent the pictures to the Forensic Science Laboratory for forensic examination. Now after the investigation it will be known whether the picture is actually morphed or the actor did a nude photoshoot. If the forensic investigation proves the truth about Ranveer Singh’s picture tampering, he may get a clean chit from the case.

Such allegations were made against Ranveer Singh

After Ranveer’s photo shoot went viral, an FIR was lodged against the actor at the Chembur police station in July based on a complaint by an NGO official. The police then issued a notice to Ranveer Singh and directed him to join the investigation. The official alleged that “the actor has hurt women’s sentiments and their dignity with his pictures”.

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Protests started across the country

At the same time, after the pictures of Ranveer Singh’s nude photo shoot surfaced, the social media was also in a frenzy. There have even been protests against him in different parts of the country. An FIR has been filed in Mumbai against the actor in connection with this photoshoot. So there, in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, there was a strange kind of protest against him, where people took a pledge to clean up emotional garbage by collecting clothes for Ranveer Singh.

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