Punjab-Haryana High Court cancels three-year sentence of singer Dal’s mehndi

Punjab-Haryana High Court gives major relief to Daler Mehndi. The singer has been sentenced to three years in prison for human trafficking

Dal Mehndi

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Daler Mehndi got a big relief from the court. Dal was sentenced to 3 years in the Mehndi human trafficking case, from which he was dismissed. Dal Mehndi’s appeal to the High Court against the sentence was accepted by the High Court. We tell you that the Patiala trial court convicted Daler Mehndi and sentenced him to 3 years imprisonment in the 19-year-old human trafficking case.

Daler Mehndi challenged the three-year sentence in the High Court. After that, he got relief in the 19-year human trafficking case. According to reports, he is lodged in the same Patiala jail where cricketer-turned-politician Navjot Singh Sidhu is lodged. However, now after the court’s order, Daler Mehndi will be released from Patiala Jail and further hearing of the case will proceed in the Punjab-Haryana High Court.

In view of the petition filed by Daler Mehndi, a notice has been issued to the Punjab government seeking its reply. Then the High Court fixed the date of next hearing of the case on September 15. Under which the court gave a big relief to them in the hearing today.

What was the whole thing?

The 19-year-old’s case is related to pigeon-holing i.e. human trafficking. Along with Daler Mehndi, his brother Shamser Singh was also an accused in the case. But he died in 2017. Later, in 2018, the court convicted Daler Mehndi in the case.

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The case has been ongoing since 2003

According to the news, many high profile people are imprisoned in this prison. Among which Navjot Singh Sidhu is a big name. This whole phenomenon started in 2003. A person named Bakshi Singh filed a complaint at the Patiala Sadar police station. He alleged that Diler Mehndi and his brother Shamser Singh took Rs 13 lakh to send him to Canada. But, he was not sent to Canada nor was his money returned. Bakshi Singh was accompanied by 30 other complainants who made serious allegations of human trafficking against him.

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