Pre order iPhone 14 very cheap, you can buy from this platform for less than Rs 55 thousand

Pre-order iPhone 14 at very cheap pricesiPhone 14 was launched globally a few days ago. You can pre-order this smartphone that costs around Rs 80 thousand (iPhone 14 pre-order) for less than Rs 55 thousand.

Apple has launched its new smartphone series iPhone 14 series in India and other countries. Pre-orders for the series are available in the country, but they are not currently available for sale. Unlike the iPhone 13, the iPhone 14 series has been launched at a much lower price.

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That is, its base model is similar to the vanilla model of iPhone 13 and fans are quite happy with it. There is a cheaper way to buy a new Apple phone with the latest features Here’s how and where you can pre-order the iPhone 14 for under Rs 55,000.

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