Pooja Bhatt took a dig at the seat belt rule, said- “The road needs to be taken care of too”

Pooja Bhatt has expressed anger over the seat belt rule after the death of Cyrus Mistry in a road accident recently. The actress tweeted which is going viral on social media.

Pooja Bhatt’s tweet

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Pooja Bhatt often stays away from the lime light. However, the actress never hesitates to express her opinion on every major issue happening in the country. Recently, the whole country is saddened by the death of the famous businessman Cyrus Mistry. As everyone knows, he died in a car accident. In such a situation, Pooja Bhat made an indirect comment on the government about the seat belt rule going on in the country these days. The actress taunted by tweeting. Let’s find out what Pooja Bhatt wrote in such a way that her tweet started going viral.

Pooja Bhatt shared a tweet from her official Twitter handle. He wrote, ‘Seat belts and air bags are doing this. Is it important? Yes! But, more important is repairing broken roads and filling potholes. When will those who use low-quality materials in the construction of roads, highways, freeways be considered criminals?

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Not only this, the actress also wrote that roads that are once constructed and then inaugurated only with grandeur also need to be maintained. At the same time it is necessary to maintain the roads, which were once built and inaugurated.

The actress was trolled by tweeting

Pooja Bhatt’s tweet created panic on social media. People are constantly reacting to this. Many users are also expressing their approval on the actress. So some people have started trolling Pooja there. A user wrote that if you make a film like Sadak and everyone watches it, if you make a film like Roadmap and nobody goes to see it.

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After Cyrus’ death, Pooja’s tweet went viral

Please tell that Pooja Bhatt gave this tweet directly and indirectly on Cyrus Mistry’s death. Notably, former Tata Group chairman Cyrus Mistry died in a road accident on Sunday. A post-mortem report later confirmed severe injuries to his legs and head. Not only that, investigation is also being done in this matter from all sides.

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