Police nab two miscreants who made reiki as junk and then stole it – Wbseries Media

Reiki becomes trash and then the police catch the two thieves stealing:- In Kanpur, take a junk tip during the day and close the lock on this excuse for a long time.

After breaking the lock of the house, the police of Hanumant Vihar police station arrested the miscreant thieves. Violent thieves have committed thefts in various police station areas.

During interrogation, the thieves confessed to the airstrikes in Naobasta Police Station and Hanumant Vihar.

The police have questioned the accused as part of another flight incident and have already taken legal action. The two accused were arrested on Tuesday evening at a vacant lot near the road leading to Gadarianpurwa Park.

The accused, Imtiaz Ahmed (36), a resident of Ikra Thirinav Fatehpur police station and another son (42) of another son (42).

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Ramgulam takes the form of Navasta in Kushwaha residential police station. Since the interception, flight baggage and equipment have been recovered from several flight incidents.


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