Once Haldiram started from a small shop but today the business of Haldiram company is more than 5000 crore rupees.

Haldiram once started with a small shop.: Every man breathes a sigh of relief when he accomplishes what he has determined to do. With this news of ours, we will tell you the story of a man who started his business from a small shop and today is doing a business of Rs 5 thousand crores.

Ever since Kellogg’s entered the Indian market 27 years ago, it has gained a foothold and is now looking to diversify its product line through a partnership with Haldiram’s.

Since its bifurcation in 1990, Haldiram operates from Nagpur, Kolkata and Delhi. The company will work hard to reach the point we will discuss today and how Haldiram got there.

How was the beginning?

There is an interesting story behind Haldiram’s success. Haldiram started from a small shop and now has a business of more than 5 thousand crore rupees. Today the company is earning like big brands like Domino’s and Nestle.

This is how Haldiram got its name:

The person’s name is Gangavishanji Agarwal. In 1937 he opened a breakfast shop in Bikaner. When his shop started doing well, there was a discussion about what to name it. Bhajiya is made by him. As a result, Bhajiawala became famous after the name of his shop. Gangabishenji Agarwal was fondly called Haldiram by many. Haldiram was chosen when the time came to change the name.

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Haldiram’s products are sold in 50 countries worldwide. Haldiram’s company opened its first store in Nagpur and second store in Delhi in 1970. You will be surprised to know that this company earns twice as much as Nestle, the maker of Maggi. There are 50 countries in the world where Haldiram products are sold. According to a report, the company earns more than 5 thousand crore rupees annually. Also, Haldiram offers 30 different savory products

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