Once a village girl who danced, today Pankaj Tripathi is ruling the cinema

Today everyone’s favorite Pankaj Tripathi celebrates his 46th birthday. In an interview he said that he embraced many failures before becoming a superstar.

Pankaj Tripathi’s birthday

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Pankaj Tripathi, who has become the first choice of people today by acting in small roles in Hindi cinema, is not interested in any identity. From Bollywood to date, Kalin Bhaiyya aka Pankaj Tripathi has earned his act on the OTT platform as well. Today Pankaj Tripathi celebrates his 46th birthday. Like everyone else, he had many failures in his life, but he never gave up and achieved a position, which made him the superstar he is today. You will be surprised to know that Pankaj Tripathi once danced as a girl from his village. There are many people you will be introduced to today.

Pankaj Tripathi is an artist that everyone wants to be associated with. They say the star is not connected to the earth… This line fits Pankaj perfectly. In an interview, she revealed a lot about her life, which her fans hardly know. His struggle started as soon as he arrived in Mumbai, but he never gave up. Maybe that’s why today his personality is discussed all over the world.

Born on September 5, 1976 in Belsand village of Gopalganj district in Bihar, Pankaj Tripathi was interested in acting since childhood. This art of his brought him to Mumbai. Before traveling to Mumbai, Pankaj, who was fond of acting, used to participate in plays in his village. Yes, used to entertain people by acting as village girl. After listening to this anecdote it is understood that an actor is only recognized by the industry, which he has no shame in doing. You rarely see a better example of this line than Pankaj.

Career started with theatre

Acting problems forced Pankaj Tripathi into theatre. Displeased with his hobby, his father did not give him money. Despite this, he was associated with the NSD. For this, he started working at the hotel at night. He used to do theater in the morning about this. It is said that everyone sees the popularity of a superstar, but only he knows the struggle behind it.

It was love at first sight

Talking about Pankaj Tripathi’s personal life, he got married for love. During an interview, he mentioned that he met his wife at a close friend’s wedding. At that time Pankaj saw him. Seeing this, he decided that he would marry this girl. Taking a stand for his life and spouse in his own home, he marries the girl he fell in love with at first sight.

Fortunes brightened in 2012

Now let’s talk about Superhit films of Superstar Pankaj Tripathi, then the actor has rewarded the industry with one of the strongest films. He recently won the Best Supporting Actor Award for Mimi at the Filmfare Awards. He made his Bollywood debut with a cameo role in the 2004 film Run. But, his luck star opened in 2012 when he acted in Gangs of Wasseypur and made people go crazy with his performance.

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After that he acted well in many movies and web series. Be it Kalin Bhaiya in ‘Mirzapur’ or Madhav Mishra in ‘Criminal Justice’, he has made a place in people’s hearts by acting in every web series. At the same time, he also dominates as Guruji of the Sacred Game. Apart from this, he has acted brilliantly in all films including ‘Luka Chupi’, ‘Newton’, ‘Bareilly Ki Barfi’, ‘Gurgaon’, Mimi, Stri.

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