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These features are coming soon:- In the WhatsApp instant messaging application, you get the option to view old messages by date.

Following the new features on the WhatsApp website, Wabetinfo has provided information on these Akani WhatsApp features. These WhatsApp features have been employed research messages till date.

Although WhatsApp has not officially announced it yet. We know that recently, there have also been reports of WhatsApp’s messaging feature from a linked device.

The functionality will work like this
As reported by Wabetainfo, Meta’s parent company is working on this functionality. This feature may be released to users soon.

After the introduction of this feature, users will be able to view old messages based on the application date. Users will get a new calendar icon in the search section after these features, by pressing this icon users will be able to view messages by date.

These features will be very useful for users who are having problems with long cat history. These features will also help you see the history of cats in the group.

It will be able to send messages itself
Recently, information surfaced that WhatsApp is working on an installation to send a message from a linked device.

In other words, in these features, users will be able to send messages between linked devices. These features can be offered to iOS and Android users as a multi-explanatory management. Tell us that earlier this year, WhatsApp released the Multi-Explicit Support feature.

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Using these features, the same WhatsApp account can be used on four different devices.


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