Nitin Gadkari expressed gratitude to Akshay Kumar, praised him for his social work

Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has praised actor Akshay Kumar for his contribution towards road safety. He also tweeted thanks.

Actor Akshay Kumar

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Union Minister Nitin Gadkari Akshay praised Kumar and also thanked him for his social work. There is an average Akshay Kumar It is said in the praise that they not only come in front of the audience with one good film after another, but also fulfill social responsibility. They are engaged in spreading awareness among people about important issues. They also do a lot of public interest advertising with social messages. Now he has worked on an advertisement related to road safety.

In this ad, actor Akshay Kumar gives a special message to the countrymen to take care of safety while traveling on the road. Union Transport Minister thanked Akshay Kumar for this advertisement. This video was shared by Nitin Gadkari. In this ad, Akshay Kumar draws the audience’s attention to the need for seat belts and airbags. In this ad he tells the audience why cars need six airbags. Akshay Kumar discusses the importance of airbags in cars.

Nitin Gadkari went ahead, shared Akshay Kumar’s video

The Union Minister tweeted praising actor Akshay with these words

Nitin Gadkari wrote in his tweet, ‘Akshay Kumar, thank you for your support in the nationwide National Road Safety Campaign. Your efforts to spread awareness about road safety are truly commendable. We are committed to reducing road accidents in India through awareness and public cooperation.

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Not only did he act, but also fulfilled his social commitments.

Earlier too, actor Akshay Kumar has appeared in many commercials with the message of how to take care of your safety while traveling on the road. They do such work without taking any money. Akshay Kumar once again showed social responsibility. Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari thanked him for this.

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