Nasim Shah was walking around with a mobile phone in his pocket during the Asia Cup

Nasim Shah was walking around with a mobile phone in his pocket during the Asia Cup:- Nasim Shah, who hit two back-to-back sixes in Pakistan’s win over Afghanistan, has been making videos on social media with several mobile phones in hand. He was seen holding a mobile phone during the Super Four match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Naseem was rested from this match and was talking to the fans outside the boundary.

Nasim asked fans for mobile phones
This time he did something that no one thought of. He asked the audience for a mobile phone. Pakistani fans also gave him 2-3 mobile phones, after which the bowler started walking around with the phone in his pocket. It is being claimed on social media that he took a selfie and returned the phone. However, some fans questioned how he could hold the phone during the match. It’s all going on, they say.

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While the match is in progress, phones are prohibited
ICC rules prohibit the use of mobile phones, communication devices in the dressing room and on the field of play. Players and match officials are prohibited from doing so.

In 2018, the ICC warned Pakistan for the same reason after some players were seen wearing smartwatches during the Lord’s Test. Besides, during the Pakistan Super League, there was an uproar over the use of mobile phones in the dugout. For most users, taking Naseem Shah on mobile during a match is incomprehensible.

Talking about the last match of Super 4, Pakistan was badly beaten by Sri Lanka. It was a five-wicket win for Sri Lanka. Batting first, Pakistan set a target of 122 runs to Sri Lanka, which was achieved in 18 balls.

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