Namrata Malla’s Lal Ghagar, who romanced Pawan Singh a lot, created a stir.

Namrata Malla’s Lal Ghagar, who romanced a lot with Pawan Singh, created a stir:- Namrata Malla is one of the many beauties of Gan Bhojpuri cinema who have won hearts with her performance. He stabs people’s hearts with his warmth.

Many of his Bhojpuri videos dominate social media. He pairs very well with any actor. Recently one of his songs ‘Lal Ghaghra’ has become very popular on the internet.

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Song by Namrata Malla

A while ago, Pawan Singh’s new song ‘Lal Ghaghra’ was released on Makers YouTube. Fans have been in a frenzy since the release. ‘Lal Ghaghra’ has received more than 4 lakh views since its release a few weeks ago.

In the video, Namrata Malla and Pawan Singh perform daring dance moves. The song is sung by Pawan Singh and Shilpi Raj. This song has made fans go crazy with Pawan Singh and Namrata Malla’s chemistry. Music composed by Shubham Raj, lyrics written by Vijay Chauhan.

Namrata Malla: A Brief Biography

Namrata Malla is an Instagram star as well as a Bhojpuri queen. It has gained a lot of popularity through social media. The song Do Jhant by Namrata Malla and Khesari Lal Yadav gained her popularity. Born in 1998, Namrata Malla grew up in Mumbai.

He completed his education here, where he grew up. A career in the glamorous and fashion industry was always on Namrata Malla’s mind, so she entered this glamorous industry early on.


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