Mahathug Sukesh and Jacqueline’s wedding dream came true before it opened

Mahathug Sukesh and Jacqueline’s dream of marriage would come true: It is said that Sukesh’s magic was so powerful in Jacqueline that she would drop everything and think of Sukesh, but one day her dreams are shattered when Jacqueline is published in a newspaper magazine because of her haircut. come on stage Where Sukesh’s crime history was written.

The story of Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez and her dream boy Mahathir Sukesh Chandrasekhar is frozen. Delhi Police’s Economic Offenses Wing, EO, once again wanted to know more from Jacqueline about her Sukesh and her Mahathi. Especially the big criminals who know the whole nation can’t embrace the police, but still don’t know how a hero.

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In fact, Jacqueline Fernandez came into Sukesh’s life like a beauty queen. Sukesh wants to see Jacqueline happy. So he stole Jacqueline’s money. Jacqueline is not far behind.

Suru’s Sukesh kept his head down and started talking. He really appreciates the dream of being home with her. But all of a sudden, his life’s dream was shattered. And now their mistakes are increasing. Jacqueline will have to face the question again.

The real life of Jacqueline, who shows the film on the film screen, is in trouble. At this point, the Delhi Police has come to a point in Jacqueline’s birth chart, which Jacqueline still feels is far away. Delhi’s Economic Violations Wing is once again ready to ease Jacqueline’s muscular sweating problem with sharp and pointed questions.

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