Lover Adil Khan Durrani Phul proposed marriage to Rakhi Sawant, Adil did not answer?

Rakhi Sawant proposes to boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani with flowers: Rakhi Sawant has been in news lately for her relationship with Adil’s girlfriend Khan Durrani. A new video of Rakhi and Adil is out, where Rakhi herself proposes marriage to Mela.

Rakhi Sawant has made headlines more because of her personal life than her professional life. In the past few days, Rakhi said that she is dating a fair businessman Khan Durrani. Rakhi and Adil have also appeared together on several occasions. Recently a video surfaced where Rakhi herself is seen proposing to Adil with flowers.

Does not give a fair answer?

In this video, Rakhi gets down on one knee and proposes to Mela with a bouquet of flowers. However, Mele did not respond to this. In response Rakhi said – returning my flowers. Then Adil hugged Rakhi. Watching video:

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Videos of Rakhi and Mela are viral

Even before this, many Rakhi and Farsa videos have gone viral on social media. It is still being said that Rakhi and Mela pretended to be in a relationship to enter the news. But no one knows how true it is.

Ritesh demands marriage

However, Rakhi Sawant claimed that she was earlier married to Ritesh Singh, who was also seen in ‘Bigg Boss 15’. However, after that, Rakhi and Ritesh had many fights and after that Rakhi said that she divorced Ritesh.

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