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Rekha Kiss Controversy: Veteran Bollywood actress Rekha started her acting career as a child artiste. 67-year-old Rekha has acted in more than 180 films in her career. The actress won not only 3 Filmfare Awards, a National Award but also a Padma Shri Award in 2010 for her performance. Rekha started her career at the age of 4 with the Telugu film ‘Inti Guttu’. At the same time, the actress made her Bollywood debut at the age of 15 with the film ‘Anjana Safar’.

Although ‘Anjana Safar’ line It was the first Hindi film of his career. But an incident happened to 15-year-old Rekha during this film, which still shakes the actress. Biswajit Chatterjee was seen in the lead role in Rekha’s Bollywood debut film Anjana Safar. During a scene in the film directed by Raja Nawathe, Biswajit forcibly kissed Rekha for 5 minutes.

Rekha was sexually assaulted

The sexual harassment of Rekha was mentioned by Yasir Usman in his book ‘Rekha: The Untold Story’. According to the book, 15-year-old Rekha was not at all ready to do this scene. Despite this, Biswajit Chatterjee forcibly kissed the actress. Rekha was so shaken after this incident that she cried for a long time.

entertainment news (entertainment news) claimed after the incident that director Raja Nawathe deliberately left the scene in the film. Although Rekha was not aware of this. When all the preparations were done on the set for this scene, the director called the action, after which Biswajit Chatterjee started kissing her forcefully and he kept kissing Rekha for 5 minutes. At that time Rekha closed her eyes in panic and tears started falling from her eyes.

The cover story was published in Life magazine

This incident on the sets of ‘Anjana Safar’ caused a stir in the country as well as abroad. At that time, the international magazine ‘Life Magazine’ published this incident in the cover story.

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