Kapil Sharma starrer ‘Zuigato’ trailer released

The trailer of Kapil Sharma’s film ‘Zuigato’ has been released. The 1.39 minute trailer shows Sharma as a food delivery boy in Kapil’s film.

Zwigato Trailer: The new season of popular comedian Kapil Sharma’s show The Kapil Sharma has hit TV. The trailer of ‘Zuigato’ has already been released. The 1.39 minute trailer features Kapil Sharma as a food delivery boy. From the trailer of the film, you can guess that his character in the film is that of a poor man who works hard for a living. In addition to this, his wife also works to run the house. But he does not want his wife to work. At the same time, his children do not want him to do this job. Kapil Sharma’s Zwigato is directed by Nandita Das. Actress Shahana Goswami acted with Kapil Sharma in the film. Let us inform you that ‘Zwigato’ has world premiere at Toronto Film Festival 2022. The film will now screen at the Busan Film Festival 2022.

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