Kalen Bhaiyya used to sing as a child – Dil Deewana Bin Sajna Ke Mane Na…

Hailing from a small village in Bihar, Pankaj Tripathi has now made a name for himself in the world. If it is said that Pankaj Tripathi is the person connected with the land, then there is no doubt about it.

Actor Pankaj Tripathi

Today is Kalin Bhai’s birthday. Birthday comes at any age, it brings together childhood memories. Then Pankaj did not forget his childhood. With his ‘normal’ smile, Bollywood actor Pankaj brings back childhood memories. He said – I always had an element of mischief in my mind. Still. He laughs and says that I was a big troublemaker since childhood. There was an elder brother in our village. He opened a private school. Villagers used to tell him that he was upset. Daffodil. I would be 9-10 years old. We kids also knew that the village elders called him crazy.

Pankaj Tripathi reached the school with an axe

Narrating this story further, Pankaj Tripathi says – About that day, the film Maine Pyar Kiya was released. There was a song in the film – Dil Deewana Bin Sajna Ke Mane Na, Ye Pagla Hai Consive Se Samje Na. I used to sing the song as soon as I saw him. All the emphasis was on that line—it’s crazy to explain. If we understood the wickedness of man, so would they. One day he got angry. He got angry and said I will cut off your ears. The next day I took an ax with me to school saying that if they cut me, I would also cut them.

How to start acting in Gopalganj?

Pankaj is a resident of Gopalganj in Bihar. Came from an ordinary family. Even now, when he goes to the village, he posts pictures of farming and home on social media. In response to a question about how he started acting in Gopalganj, Pankaj said, Tarkeswar Tiwari was a gentleman in our village. He also had polio. Stayed in bed. He used to talk about sex education in villages. I used to start my talk from here that children come, I will show you the new world.

The actor also explains that apart from this he used to write plays. They had fully planned that this time there would be drama. The seed of drama was planted somewhere in me from there. Later when I started doing theater in Patna, he was very happy. He wanted me to act in films one day. Sadly, he passed away by the time I became an actor.

Mahesh Bhatt said – if he was in front, he would have hugged

The story of Pankaj’s performance is now famous in the film industry, when he played the role of a girl from his village as a child. Pankaj had to take permission from his father for this. There was a fear that Pankaj’s father would get angry and get involved in a fight in the middle of the play as the boy became a girl.

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Everyone knows Pankaj, the popular actor of Hindi cinema, but when he didn’t reach this place, which was his favorite role – he said that I had two scenes in the film Masaan. It was the role of a railway clerk. I will never forget that small role. No such ‘supplement’ of the film career so far does not forget Pankaj? They say – after seeing Newton, Mahesh Bhatt called and said – if he was in front, he would have hugged him.

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