Johnny Lever’s wife’s hotness will make you forget Nora Fatehi, her boldness will drive you crazy

Nora Fatehi will forget the hotness of Johnny Lever’s wife!Johnny Lever started his career as a comedian in Bollywood in the 80s. After that, without looking back, he was seen in many superhit films one after the other.

When Johnny had financial problems, he had to drop out of school. Today Johnny has assets worth crores of rupees. In the midst of all this, this article will be about Sujata, not Johnny.

In 1984, famous Indian comedian Johnny Lever married Sujata. This year marks their 38th wedding anniversary. Besides Jamie Lever, she has a son named Jesse Lever.

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His daughter Jessie followed in his footsteps mostly as a stand-up comedian in the Hindi film industry.

The talented actress Sujatha got married before entering the film world. Johnny Lever’s son Jesse Lever was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his throat as a result of a malignant tumor. As a result, Johnny had to take a few years off from filming.

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Sujata Lever doesn’t use social media much, but Johnny and her kids always post pictures of her.

His Instagram account has many pictures of Johnny’s wife Sujata, which is being admired by everyone.


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